Tuesday, February 24, 2009

25 Years Together in Maui

Clair loves looking at tide pools.

On top of the world!

We had fabulous fun with our friends!

You can't visit Hawaii without going to an ABC Store.

After 24 years of going over my Christmas spending budget I finally had some incentive to stay within it. We really wanted to go on a trip for our 25th Anniversary and I knew in order to be able to go I had to be disciplined. I did it!! The kids were happy on Christmas Day and Clair and I got to get away.


k and p said...

someday I'll get to go to Hawaii...Don't know when, but someday....I'm so jealous!

Ben said...

It looks like you guys made it to the top of Haleakala volcano? Did you do the mountain bike ride down form the top? That's fun. I want to take Shaunie to Hawaii someday, we'll probably have to wait until our 25th as well, good times.

Clair and Tracy said...

We did not do the mountain bike ride down but maybe when you do decide to go to Hawaii let us know. We are always looking for a great excuse to go.