Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bones that do not stay in place

I went out to check water the other day on my motorcycle and it turned into an adventure to the ER. I do believe the ground does get harder as you get older, especially since I do not bounce anymore I just splat. This time when the ground stopped moving I rolled over I thought, "oh that hurt, and um, I don't think that bump should be there." I dislocated my collarbone at the shoulder. The bone is sticking up out of place. This injury is pretty much permanent as it will not stay back in place without surgery. Most people function fine the way it is, that is why they do not do surgery unless it becomes a problem, hopefully it will just be cosmetic and not bother me in the future. So far it has been a slow healing process and frustrating.

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shaunie said...

I'm glad it wasn't more serious! It surprises me that for all the years you, my dad and Daren have been riding motor bikes, there have been very, very few injuries. Guess it just means you're all smart riders.