Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gone Fishing

I took Keldon, Carter, and Grandpa Gibbons down to Ringold(the Columbia River) last night and did some bass fishing. It turned out to be a fun trip, especially since we all caught some bass and enjoyed the evening. I worked with Keldon and showed him how to cast and he caught on really quick casting his lure around 40 feet sometimes, it was neat. Well, the short version is he casts out and about his 5th or 6th cast he says "hey, I got one" and he ends up with the largest fish of the trip, a little over 15 inches. He shares some details on the video. Grandpa and I enjoyed hooking the fish and watching the boys reel them in. Carter was fun to watch, he is still little enough that it is about all he can do to hold the pole up and reel at the same time, good times. Forgetting to take a camera to the river was the only bummer.

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Kari said...

Way to go Keldon!!