Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sturgeon Fishing

A Friend of Mine, (Riner) likes to sturgeon fish. I like to fish, it really does not matter what I am fishing for as I like trying to figure out how to catch them. It is much easier to go with someone who knows what they are doing and enjoy a trip together while you are learning. My dad (Grandpa Gibbons) and I went fishing for sturgeon on the Columbia River yesterday evening and were fortunate enough to catch a legal to keep sturgeon. The only ones you can keep measure between 38 and 54 inches. We went out just for the evening and had a great trip, nice and calm weather, great sunset, good company and fishing, what a combination. This fish was 48 inches and weighed 35 pounds. It is good that there is such a thing as you tube so I could learn how to cut up the meat so it tastes good, seems there is always something to watch out for when cleaning fish or game or the meat will have a strong flavor.


k and p said...

that is a giant are you planning on cooking/eating it?

Clair and Tracy said...

one piece at a time, cave man style...Mom vetoed that so she has been looking at ways on the internet, she has some recipes she wants to try.