Thursday, October 7, 2010

We went fishing on the river a couple days ago. The Chinook Salmon run this year is showing good numbers and I decided I would some how learn to catch them. I am doing OK at catching them, so I guess that is good. Finding time to go is difficult, but the river is close which makes it easier. We went there for a couple hours after school and caught this one. It was a bit crazy. When we hooked this one I gave Keldon the pole and told him to reel it in while I got the other pole out of the water. The wind was blowing a bit across the river so I could not stop the motor and just drift or we would hit the shore really quick. So I was trying to drive the boat and get the other pole out and get the net out. When I would look back at Keldon he was pretty much just hanging on to the pole with it pointing into the water. I would say you need to keep the tip up and the next time I would look he would be back to just hanging on again(I really had thought about tying a small rope to the fishing pole before we went out just in case they couldn't hang on so I wouldn't lose a pole). These fish are good fighters and Keldon was making little or no progress so when everything was ready I had relieve the little fisherman...really needed it on video as it was lots of fun and craziness.

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